Research methods

A decade of teaching research methods at postgraduate level means that I have influenced a generation of occupational therapy researchers.

In this section, I describe the development of novel research methods in my own research practice, and the initiatives I have made to improve research practice in the profession. These include development of a new research methods paper for the postgraduate program, masters schools and online seminars. It also involves systematic reflections on the research degree through current research projects.

The research methods I use are grounded in my training as an ethnographer, drawing on an epistemology that is congruent with occupational therapy philosophy. I have used participant observation as a way of collecting data, for example through using walking (Butler,2014) or meditation as part of the interview process (Butler,2016). I also have an ongoing collaboration with a group ethnographers, through which we have produced two papers about the quality of care in residential homes (Jaye et al, 2016 and 2017).

  1. The mobile interview
  2. Community Cancer Dance