Losing a cat

When you say that you’ve ‘lost’ your cat – you need to first qualify whether this means that the cat is dead, or whether it’s wandered away out the back door and failed to come home. It’s the latter in our case. Our Todd left home one week ago today, and grieving for him has […]

The sound of silence

Last night I was explaining to my son about the myriad traditions, where silence blooms and blossoms with particular kinds of energy. For example, there is the silence of a ship that stops on a still fjord, where everyone falls into a wondering hush – before someone breaks it because they are so unused to […]

Taking the ‘red pill’

“Nonviolence is an innate capacity of human nature. It is not a moral commandment; still less is it a philosophical abstraction. Nonviolence . . . is an energy that operates in and on all living beings.” —Michael Nagler I have just attended a workshop which I was specially invited to on behalf of the UniSA […]

Coming to our senses

Last week I spent hours going through the various occupational therapy journals. It made me very despondent. There seems to be scarcely a single article published that would inform my actual practice as an occupational therapist. This doesn’t mean that they are not well written, and I would be happy to have conversations with any […]