Coming to our senses

Last week I spent hours going through the various occupational therapy journals. It made me very despondent. There seems to be scarcely a single article published that would inform my actual practice as an occupational therapist. This doesn’t mean that they are not well written, and I would be happy to have conversations with any […]

The beginnings of a pathway

Today I finally got to meet the wonderful Kobie Boshoff. Kobie is senior lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Director at the International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE) and Editor of a new journal, The Allied Health Scholar. She has recently returned from South Africa, which is why we hadn’t got round to meeting, up to […]

Application of dual process clinical reasoning to activity analysis

I had my first class at UniSA yesterday. It included six first year occupational therapy students doing an activity analysis of a woman hanging a sheet on her washing life. This was a wonderful group to have some in depth conversations with. I love first years, especially when they include practice managers, creative animators, sleep […]

Making an introduction

14/5/22 (How was I an OT today?) Yesterday I attended my first professoriate lunch – there was intelligent company, vibrant conversations and good food. It’s all one would expect of such a company – and, as one would expect, I was called on to introduce myself. Fortunately, I was given a slight ‘headsup’ earlier in […]