Awareness day at the centre city mall

The second event that we had this week was the awareness day at the Centre City mall. This was again part of our celebration of the five year collaboration with VICTA. We were lucky enough to get some coverage in the local Star beforehand for both of our awareness events

Article in the Star about our planned events for occupational therapy week 2019

We set up the usual stall, with lots of information about vision rehabilitation. In addition, we collected stories about people’s ‘spectacle stories’. I will write about those another day. We also did free vision screening for members of the public. An important part of this was training the students to be able to do a rapid vision screening.

Occupational Therapy students doing vision screening at the Centre City Mall

It was also a moment to pause and to consider with fondness what the collaboration between VICTA and the School of occupational therapy has meant. The writer and independent research Dr Lynley Hood has been a very important part of this.

Niishahn Taan (HumanWare), Mary Butler and Lynley Hood.
Poster for the event

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